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Tailored Medical Education
Solutions to Improve Patient Care

Using the science of learning and innovative
formats, Springer Healthcare Education ensures
that healthcare professionals engage with content
in a meaningful and measurable way

We combine cutting-edge educational research with the latest clinical data

Springer Healthcare utilizes the latest thinking in cognitive sciences and instructional design to deliver programs that are informative, interactive, and leave a lasting impression. Our aim is to create engaging medical education programs tailored to healthcare professionals according to their experience and role. We provide a full service to our customers, ranging from strategic consultancy and creation of high-quality content, through conference programs, to content hosting, and audience engagement via our online medical education platform, Medicine Matters.


Examples of Our Work

  • Discuss treatment options and the latest clinical developments with a live expert faculty-led webinar. Participation is enhanced via audience interaction elements such as voting and live questions . 
  • On-demand webinars allow users to pick up the education whenever suits their preferred learning times
  • Post-meeting reports and audience feedback are available immediately post-event

Some of our events:

  • Engaging HCPs via social channels is a highly effective part of our multichannel approach. 
  • We use animations, video bytes and Tweetorials to deliver instances of micro learning to our audiences.
  • Polling questions create interest, unearth knowledge gaps and monitor current opinion. Developed with experts to reflect current medical paradigms, our polls include design, posting, analysis and reporting.
  • We use targeted posts in users’ feeds to raise awareness of key content and encourage participation. 
  • Digital Opinion Leaders are identified and recruited as part of our expert faculty, significantly increasing audience engagement.
  • Adis podcast articles are innovative, expert-led educational articles, accessible in audio and text formats. 
  • The only peer-reviewed, Medline-indexed podcasts within the published literature, our articles are citable, discoverable, and educational, achieving 1,000+ downloads per year. 
  • Ensuring maximum reach to healthcare professionals, published on SpringerLink, PubMed Central, Medicine Matters Insights and all major streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

Example of our work:

  • Static and animated infographics provide visual, digestible, balanced summaries of key data for targeted HCP audiences. They can be developed in varying levels of complexity to complement reader knowledge levels, developed from animations, and created rapidly. Crafted to ensure the perfect balance of visual and text elements to maximise knowledge uptake. Hosted online, on social media or in hard-copy format. 
  • Potential topics for infographics include:
    • Peer-reviewed publications
    • Congress materials 
    • Treatment guidelines
    • Panel discussion hot topics

An example: CML 2021: How to manage treatment failure in CML

  • Digestible, highly visual and dynamic ways for experts to learn about a topic of interest. Bite-sized media to maximise attention capture, providing an overview of key messages and the latest data. 
  • Easily accessible on mobiles & tablets, animations can be hosted online, shared on social media, utilised as standalone pieces or to support a wider multiformat program. 
  • They can be developed in varying levels of complexity, in 2D or 3D, supported by audio and narration.
    • Potential topics for animations include:
      • Clinical trial or real-world data
      • Treatment algorithms
      • Mechanisms of action
      • Mode of administration
      • Case studies
      • Guidelines and checklists

An example of our work here: CML 2021: How to manage treatment failure in CML

  • In collaboration with expert faculty, Springer Healthcare can curate and disseminate the most relevant and novel developments from major congresses, increasing the engagement and reach of key clinical and real-world data 
  • Using digestible multichannel activities, initiated pre-, peri- and post-congress, we prepare HCP audiences to effectively appraise recently presented data in the context of their clinical practice

An example of our work:

  • Springer Healthcare’s rich heritage as part of the Springer Nature group allows us to create impactful education, disseminated through trusted, high-impact, medical journals
  • Using our research into unmet educational needs, we work with experts to create peer-reviewed content to inform clinical decision making
  • To enhance the impact of articles, we can create digital features such as video abstracts, infographics and audioslide to accompany the articles
  • Popular examples include expert-led roundtables, patient-physician perspectives, and podcast articles

Some examples of our work:

  • Interactive e-learning modules developed in Articulate address pre-defined learning objectives to support HCPs in keeping abreast of current practices and real-life scenarios 
  • Developed with exert medical input, fictional simulations are created to test users’ background understanding of disease states and real-life case scenarios
  • Inclusion of animated content or actors in video vignettes create an engaging experience throughout the module
  • Modules can be non-linear – allowing users to pause and pick up where they left off at their convenience.  Multiple choice answers and voiceovers increase interactivity and learning opportunities

An example of our work:

  • medwireNews combines scientific expertise with journalistic skills to review the latest research and clinical results across multiple medical specialties
  • Reporting on the latest medical advances and opinion to engage and inform healthcare professionals in convenient, easily accessible and timely formats
  • We collaborate with therapy-area experts to ensure our content is compelling for a broad range of healthcare audiences
  • Our services can help you build trusted relationships with your healthcare professional audience by supporting them in the knowledge they need to stay up to date and ensure the continued learning essential to improving patient care.

An example of our work:

  • Springer Healthcare create bespoke platforms to host a variety of materials, register learners and leveraging the Springer Healthcare imprints including Medicine Matters, MedNet and Medici Oggi. Directed by expert faculties, our platforms allow HCPs to view pre-congress materials, register for forthcoming activities, take part in the live virtual panel discussions and express their views in live polls. Users can navigate quickly through different content and set up elerts so they never miss an update.
  • Our sites are accessible on mobile, social and via web browsers.

An example of our work: Medicine Matters Oncology 

Springer Healthcare Content at Work

Springer Healthcare Education

Springer Healthcare develops robust strategies that meet the unmet educational needs of healthcare professionals in any disease area:

  • Using our multichannel expertise and understanding of clinical audiences, we ensure that the right information reaches the right audience at the right time
  • We work with you at all stages of a drug’s lifecycle, pre- or post-launch

We partner with you to fulfill your content needs across all formats – in print, via live events or by digital delivery:

  • Our content fulfills learning objectives that are designed to address expert-defined unmet needs with measurable outcomes
  • We create meaningful events and projects that engage directly with your key audiences
  • Our exclusive professional-society relationships give us access to the most recent impactful content from world-leading authorities

Springer Healthcare provides healthcare professionals with access to the latest practice-changing information:

  • We translate the high science presented at conferences into understandable and digestible content for your internal and external audiences
  • We can provide a variety of content – including news, expert video interviews and podcasts, overnight newsletters, data updates, and in-depth post-conference reports

Medicine Matters is Springer Healthcare’s medical education online platform, curated by world-leading clinical experts:

  • Medicine Matters presents cutting-edge educational content to your key audiences in the most clinically relevant areas
  • Our in-house team of digital editors and therapy area specialists provides content in a variety of engaging and easy-to-use formats