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Adis journal articles can incorporate digital features to enhance your published content.

Digital features can be published in association with any article in an Adis journal. They provide a concise and clear summary of the manuscript to enhance reader accessibility and the educational value of the article.  Digital features can also supplement the data through visualisation or clarify a therapeutic technique.

Adis Journals publish a wide range of peer-reviewed features including (but not limited to) talking-head videos, animated abstracts, audioslides, podcasts and infographics. Authors and funders are welcome to submit digital features for publication alongside the submitted article.

Initial analyses indicate that digital features have a positive impact on the number of downloads and shares of the articles in which they are published (see for example: Halford C et al. Curr Med Res Opin. 2021;37(Suppl 1):21-29; Bredbenner K & Simon SM. PLoS One. 2019;14(11)). Furthermore, a recent survey indicated that healthcare professionals increasingly prefer to receive information in audio-visual and/or infographic formats (No R, et al. Curr Med Res Opin. 2021;37(Suppl 1)).

All digital features are peer reviewed to ensure the factual integrity, balance and clear presentation of information and include a “Peer reviewed” statement to clearly communicate this. They also include the Adis logo to confirm the rigorous scientific review process that all Adis content undergoes.

We recommend that features are submitted with the parent manuscript to allow simultaneous peer review. However, authors can submit features after manuscript acceptance, or even publication, of an article (an extra fee is charged to cover separate peer review and processing).

Digital features can be embedded within an article on SpringerLink, included as supplementary material and/or hosted on Figshare.

Research indicates that digital features can be excellent tools to facilitate understanding of medical content for a wide range of audiences. They can be embedded within eprints, used as training aids, or hosted on scientific congress booths and educational platforms.

For more information about Adis digital features, explore re-use opportunities, or to discuss ways to increase the impact of your manuscript, please CONTACT US.
Adis Journals Brochure Q3 2023

Adis journals provide exceptional service by offering:

Our journal editors can provide expert pre-submission technical feedback on manuscripts (whether provided as a detailed article outline or a full manuscript) to ensure they are targeted at the most suitable journal within the portfolio. Manuscripts are treated as confidential and are only shared among our journal editors, as necessary.

If a manuscript is considered unsuitable for the journal to which it has been submitted, either before or after peer review, it can often be cascaded to a sister title within the Adis journals portfolio. Articles are only cascaded with the author‘s permission.

All Adis journals offer efficient peer review, with standard timelines ranging from 2 to 6 weeks (depending on the journal). Some journals also offer a VIP Service (for a processing fee) that guarantees peer review in 10 days.

Adis journals endorse the ICMJE/WAME/COPE Guidelines for Journal Editors, and encourage all manuscripts reporting sponsored research to comply with Good Publication Practice (GPP-3). Authors’ potential conflicts of interest and research/manuscript funding are clearly presented in each article.

A number of the Adis journals are fully open access, while others offer open-access publication of individual articles via the Springer Open Choice option. All journals provide open access with the CC BY-NC license, as standard.

All Adis journals have worldwide readership, including in Europe, the US and Asia. They are available to healthcare professionals as part of the Springer Nature global content packages. Most journals are indexed in major biomedical databases (Medline and/or PubMed), allowing readers worldwide to find published content.

Any article published in an Adis journal can be accompanied by a peer-reviewed Plain-Language Summary, which is intended to provide a succinct, simplified overview of the article to assist non-experts in understanding its content and overall implications.

Plain-language summaries can be submitted with the manuscript (no fee) or added afterwards (article processing fee to cover peer review and production). See Adis guidelines for digital features and plain-language summaries for more information.

Adis publishes definitive single-agent reviews providing readers with the most important and clinically relevant information on the properties of new and established drugs, across all therapeutic areas. These reviews are published in several of the high-impact Adis Premier journals.

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